Value Recovery

Uncover efficiencies and capture value at the end of the IT product lifecycle

Arrow’s Value Recovery program provides specialized reverse material stream management, IT asset recovery, and remarketing services. Value Recovery enables technology users to uncover opportunities for greater efficiencies and value capture at the end of the IT product lifecycle.

Manage Your Data and Assets

Value Recovery ensures that your data and assets are managed safely and properly, reducing risk, expense, and overhead. Arrow significantly invests in tools, techniques, processes, tracking systems, and personnel to maximize the ability to reuse, reduce waste, and practice responsible recycling across all worldwide processing facilities.

As a leader in the industry, Arrow makes a difference by:

Environmental Stewardship

Arrow uses a universal approach to environmental compliance that exceeds the requirements of any single, existing industry standard.

Technology Reuse

Refurbishing IT equipment and updating it with the latest operating systems saves natural resources, reduces energy consumption, and aids communities around the world.


Arrow’s single-source solutions provide an easy way to meet the demands of proper disposition and changing certifications, regulations, and compliance laws.

Social Responsibility

Arrow Value Recovery supports a variety of charitable donation programs designed to bridge the digital divide by repurposing and distributing used computer equipment to those in need.

Full Transparency

Every step of your recovery, data sanitization, and reuse process is transparent and auditable —and readily available when you need it.

Solve Complex End-User Business Problems

Access to Arrow experienced technical team to help you meet specific customer needs. Let our team of experts help you solve the most difficult of technical challenges.
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