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SentiVault Storage Solutions
for Secure Evidence Management

Camera-agnostic, low-cost, reliable storage and access

Has your agency invested in cameras to collect evidence, but the cost of storing, managing and using that information is too expensive or too complicated? Regardless of the cameras you use, SentiVault’s easy-to-use solution provides:

  • A high-performance, scalable digital evidence management infrastructure
  • Secure storage and management of large volumes of video surveillance data
  • A low-cost solution with less reliance on the cloud

Adheres to
CJIS standards

SentiVault's video evidence storage solutions are secured in the police station evidence locker under the watchful eye of a sworn officer, while maintaining a secondary copy of all data for disaster recovery purposes and added peace of mind. This ensures that your camera-based data always adheres to CJIS standards for storage and governance.

Built by Arrow Electronics using next-generation technology from NetApp

When you order a SentiVault solution through an Authorized NetApp Partner, you will be shipped servers, NetApp® E-Series storage, networking tools, and a lockable, moveable cabinet – with all components fully integrated from the start.

Use your own cameras for image capture, or trust a SentiVault camera provider for a full turnkey solution. SentiVault can integrate any current technology with our superior storage capability. If it can write a file, SentiVault can store it.

Evaluating cloud vs. on-premises solutions

Many small and medium-sized law enforcement organizations rely on cloud-based evidence management and governance solutions, assuming a third party can handle compliance requirements at a reasonable cost. But cloud storage can cost much more than storing data on-premises, and there are other issues to consider as well, including:

  • Audits Icon

    Are you prepared for bi-annual CJIS audits?

    Working with a cloud provider can make audits harder and more expensive.

  • Lifecycle Costs Icon

    Do you know all of the lifecycle costs related to your cloud-based solution?

    Additional costs may not be readily apparent in cloud services contracts.

  • Leaving Cloud Icon

    What happens if you want to leave your cloud provider?

    Under many agreements, bulk downloading is the only alternative, which can be costly and difficult.

  • Cloud Security Icon

    Do you understand your cloud security risks?

    Many agencies may not fully understand what security means in the cloud.

The Bottom Line

Agencies should look for alternatives to cloud-based solutions that are affordable and keep evidence in house, under direct control and supported by people that are vetted with controlled access.

NetApp® E-Series:
Unprecedented capacity, speed and durability

NetApp’s E-Series Storage system was purpose-built to deliver the write speeds, reliability, storage footprint and bandwidth required to capture, retain and retrieve video surveillance data. Plus, NetApp’s E-Series storage system is a true “pay-as-you-grow” solution.

Storage from NetApp

NetApp® data storage technology supports the processes that manage and retain high-resolution digital video evidence recorded by surveillance cameras and devices. NetApp systems manage large volumes of video data, enabling you to turn it into actionable intelligence.

More than 60% of the federal government relies on NetApp for secure storage. Why don’t you?

The Leader in Data Storage for the Public Sector

Public sector organizations – including state/local government agencies, K–12, higher education and public healthcare – count on NetApp for software, systems and services to manage and store their data. Customers value our teamwork, expertise and passion for helping them succeed now and into the future. Customers benefit from NetApp’s open collaboration with other technology leaders to create specific solutions, such as SentiVault. For more information about NetApp’s data storage solutions for the public sector, visit