Generate demand with a complete view of your install base

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Imagine having one place to have visibility over your entire install base purchased through Arrow – regardless of supplier. One place for a comprehensive view of your services, maintenance and renewals, hardware and software portfolio, and a complete opportunity pipeline including contract and warranty expirations.

With Arrow’s RenewIQ, you will have the ability to do all of this and much more.

Increase Revenue and Generate More Opportunities

Not only can Arrow RenewIQ help you generate more leads with higher attach and renewal rates for service offerings, they can also:

Improve Win Back

Help you win back deals from your competitors by tracking lost opportunities.

Installed Base Visibility

Create more visibility and opportunity around your end-user’s entire install base including products that may have originated from a competitive source.

Increase Revenue

Highlight opportunities where your end-user’s products may be exposed or where replacement products should be proposed.

Simplify Quoting

Quickly download and build quotes for your end user with validated supplier pricing.

Greater Insights

Improve your business intelligence with data on what you are selling, where and to whom to assist in initiating targeted sales campaigns.

Reduce Operating Expenses and Increase Profit Margins

Leverage a turn-key infrastructure with our value-add, including consulting and pre-sales support for design and build, including prototyping services.
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