The General Service Administration is the purchasing agency of the federal government. Their goal is to leverage the high-volume purchasing of the U.S. Government to negotiate competitive prices from commercial vendors. GSA-approved companies are placed on a schedule (or catalogue) for federal purchasing agents to use when searching for vendors.

Arrow Enterprise Computing Solutions has been approved as a GSA-authorized information technology distributor (Schedule 70).

How Will GSA Help My Business?

The GSA administers approximately 40 schedules and, according to their 2007 annual report, produced an estimated $35 billion in sales. In many cases, it is difficult to initiate business with federal, state and local governments without a GSA contract. The reason: When government purchasing agents place orders from a GSA contract, they are considered to have met federal regulations regarding competition, pricing and other requirements. This means that purchasing agents don’t have to go through this process on their own—saving them (and you) time, money and trouble.

Why Should My Company Partner On Arrow's GSA?

As a distributor, Arrow ECS can offer vendor-authorized VARs the opportunity to become a dealer on the Arrow ECS GSA schedule. Dealers will gain access to sell products and services to federal, state and local government agencies through the GSA process. Once a dealer, your business can enjoy:
Access to the largest purchaser of goods and services in the world—the U.S. Government

Improved margins for driving federal, state and local government sales
Protection on leads that you are responsible for initiating and driving
Marketing opportunities to corresponding government agencies across the country
Ability to leverage your existing state and local government customer base.

What Vendors are Partnered on the Arrow ECS GSA Schedule?**

**Resellers must be vendor authorized to quote/sell the products listed in order to participate in the Arrow GSA schedule. If reseller is not authorized to sell a supplier line listed, please contact Arrow ECS to find out how to become a vendor authorized reseller.
How Do I Find Out More?

For more information, please visit the sites below, download our GSA Brochure, contact or your Arrow ECS Sales Representative. To obtain a NetApp GSA quote, please submit request to GSA Federal Supply Service GSA E-Library GSA Advantage

How to Order

GSA Schedule: GS-35F-0296R
Expiration 1/27/2015
Arrow ECS is a large business
DUNS – 829160865

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