About Arrow Contracts

Routes to the right markets are critical for any business. Arrow ECS Public Sector pursues contracts that provides our customers with the right routes with access to:

  • Cloud Solutions
  • Data Center Convergence
  • Secure Enterprise
  • Big Data/Next Generation Analytics

Rigorous compliance and ease of use are the primary objectives of our contract pursuit efforts. This may seem contradictory, but Arrow ECS Public Sector’s experience and operational expertise can make this a reality for our customers.

Why Arrow ECS Public Sector

Customers: Distribution-held contracts provide benefits for the entire public sector supply chain. Government agencies and educational institutions enjoy the stability of working with a Fortune 150 company. Public sector entities can be confident in Arrow ECS Public Sector’s diligence and efficient operational standards. Furthermore, since we only transact through our authorized reseller partners, public sector constituents maintain existing, valued purchasing relationships.

Resellers: Authorized resellers can now leverage Arrow ECS Public Sector’s contracts to confidently sell to Federal, State, Local and Education customers across the United States. Nothing is more frustrating to a solution provider than solving complex customer challenges, only to have a different company offer a similar solution because they do not have a contract. Arrow ECS Public Sector carries the contract pursuit costs, on-going management costs and the risk of contract compliance. We want you to focus on your core competency – solving public sector challenges with IT solutions. Now it is possible to invest in Public Sector sales with confidence!

Suppliers: Suppliers (e.g. Hardware, Software, Cloud Services) rely on the channel to get their solutions to market faster and cheaper than they could by themselves. The Arrow ECS Public Sector contract portfolio provides our suppliers with a low cost, low risk path to public sector markets. Furthermore, our contracts can be leveraged by different types of partners – large resellers, small or disadvantaged resellers, local resellers or resellers with particular technical expertise. Suppliers and end-customers now have the flexibility to choose their business partner based on the need at hand.

Current contracts:
  • GSA Schedule 70
  • CDM BPA (GSA based – team member)
  • MHEC – Virtualization
  • MiCTA