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We offer Novell Single Incident Support which is pre-paid via Credit Card for $1100 USD (plus applicable taxes) for a single incident.

Single Incident Novell Support is available for business day and scheduled after hours support.
All support is always best-effort for that Single Incident, once we have confirmed product supportability and accepted payment (including End of Life & current Novell supported products).
A Single Incident is defined as assistance with one issue, problem, or question relating to the use or installation of a product or product component. A single incident is a problem that cannot be broken down into subordinate problems. If a problem consists of subordinate problems, each is considered a separate incident. Access to a support engineer is considered at least one service request.
We accept all major Credit Cards as payment. Please have your Credit Card information available to expedite the process.

To request support, please submit your details below, and a representative will contact you shortly during US business hours.
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