Arrow Insight Business Intelligence
Do you need trustworthy data to make decisions about future investments, where to allocate resources and target growth opportunities?Arrow Insight business intelligence gives you an easy, fast and accurate way to identify new prospects, analyze end user demographics, and define strategies. Available exclusively for Arrow partners and suppliers, the Arrow Insight analytics dashboards consolidate transaction data with several data suppliers and data modeling techniques into a simple yet extremely powerful information delivery tool. The three dashboards work together or alone, providing unique and actionable analytics through three modules:

  • Customer Insight is the ultimate self-service tool because it lets you dissect your Arrow historical transaction data and simplify the identification of business trends, enabling smart business decisions.
  • Market Insight provides comprehensive forecast intelligence to help you make resource allocation and growth decisions, ensuring a tactical approach to the right opportunities.
  • Whitespace Insight arms sales and marketing organizations with new customer recruitment data. Our proprietary modeling methodology identifies look-alike prospects for your marketing and sales campaigns.

To find out more about Arrow Insight and how you can begin using business intelligence to drive your business, contact your Arrow Sales representative, email us, or view this on-demand video.

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