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The old days of acquiring supplier certifications in a core technology is no longer enough to guarantee competence. And skillsets must continuously evolve with the ever-changing technology landscape. So to keep your customers’ talent properly trained, Arrow is here to provide them with whatever they need to stay ahead, including online, self-paced or micro-learning courses. Why is this important? Because IT professionals who acquire the right skills can provide much-needed equity in their brand and vision, improve their company’s competitive strategy and, ultimately, grow their business.

Arrow Education and Certification

At Arrow, we know that educating and certifying a customer’s employees is an integral part of the product lifecycle, which can ultimately optimize their business investment. As your trusted advisor, we can provide your customers with effective training guidance and assistance that include:
  • Performing periodic skills inventory to assess their current levels
  • Cross-checking their skills against vendor requirements and the current technology trends
  • Understanding their business goals and IT plans for the enterprise
  • Keeping them updated on emerging technologies that may render their current talent obsolete
  • Coordinating industry-leading supplier training with our partners at Palo Alto Networks, IBM, HPE, Cisco, EMC, VMware, Microsoft, Citrix and more!