When Arrow was seeking a partner that would support our VARs with high-performance wireless network solutions, the choice was easy. Arrow selected industry-leading Xirrus for the job. Xirrus was founded on the premise that “wireless would replace wired as the primary alternative for network access.” And Xirrus continues to seek after that vision — transforming wired to wireless by providing the most powerful, scalable, and trusted wireless access solutions to organizations that are increasingly depending on wireless for day-to-day operations. Xirrus is very passionate about the solutions they create for their customers and go well beyond the specs and initial sale. They engage with their customers through the ultimate value of what their solutions bring: wireless access under the most demanding circumstances. Through product invention and system design, commitment to customer success, and the industry’s best price performance, Xirrus will give your customers the confidence that their wireless network will perform when and where needed.

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