StorMagic’s SvSAN is a virtual storage software solution that enables organizations of all sizes to eliminate downtime of critical applications in all locations and lower their cost of IT by up to 40%. SvSAN works in both VMware and Hyper-V environments and eliminates the need for physical SANs – which significantly lowers the CAPEX and OPEX in every location. Unlike other virtual storage solutions that require a minimum of 3 physical servers, SvSAN ensures application uptime with only 2 servers at each location. Additionally, onsite IT staff are not required – SvSAN can be installed and managed from one central location with ease. StorMagic has installations in 64 countries around the world with customers that have anywhere from 1 – 2,200 sites each. With a worldwide network of reseller and industry partners, customers can rest assured that support is readily available.
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