When it comes to storage, most enterprises seek the same things: predictable performance, trusted reliability and superior value. The challenge is finding a storage solution that delivers those benefits in a way that makes sense for your business. A pioneer in solid state storage technology, SanDisk provides a wide array of data storage solutions, so you can select what works best for you.
Our data center storage solutions include enterprise, hardware, appliance, and software that deliver cutting edge, workload-optimized SAS and SATA SSDs, PCI Express Application Accelerators, and flash storage on DIMMS. With the SanDisk ION Accelerator™ Appliance, enterprises can achieve game-changing performance for database users in physical and virtual environments. Additionally, SanDisk offers flash-optimized ZetaScale™ Software, FlashSoft® Software, ioTurbine™ Software and ioVDI™ Software solutions.
A full range of the most advanced flash technology, SanDisk Fusion ioMemory™ delivers a high transaction rate per gigabyte for everything from read intensive workflows to mixed workloads. Fusion ioMemory also features a highly simplified architecture with capacities of up to 6.4TB per product. Its truly unprecedented capacity, performance, and reliability meets whatever your needs are NOW. SanDisk delivers on one of the most important metrics of storage memory, latency not just bandwidth and operations per second. We build in self -healing features so our products are as reliable as the DIMM memory modules connected to the microprocessor.
SanDisk delivers the world’s data faster. Our wide range of flash solutions accelerates databases, virtualization, cloud computing, big data, and the applications that drive our economy and our daily lives.
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