At Plexxi, we believe the time has come for disruptive innovation in the network. Plexxi’s secure next generation networking solutions are optimized for agile data centers, scale-out applications (like Big Data) and distributed clouds.

Agile Data Centers:
Organizations have invested heavily in building highly virtualized data centers, but legacy network architectures inhibit reaching the full potential of those investments. Plexxi delivers a single-tier network optimized for virtualized application traffic. The network is aware of data and application workloads and can, in real time, change the network topology to ensure their needs are met. Network scalability is easy and seamless through zero-touch configuration so the network can keep pace with storage and compute.

Big Data and Scale-Out Applications:
We live in a data driven world where analytics are being used to make rapid and important decisions. The interesting data needed for those decisions is, in most cases, not centralized. Creating data lakes is expensive and disruptive, and traditional networks can’t support the massive volumes of latency sensitive traffic. A network from Plexxi enables big data analysis across distributed data silos; all on the same data center network as your other applications and storage.

Distributed Private Cloud:
Many organizations have multiple, geographically disparate data centers. Traditional networks force these data centers to be managed and treated as separate entities with separate mobility domains for data and storage workloads. With a data center network from Plexxi, these data centers can act as a single, elastic private cloud improving resource efficiency, saving money and increasing operational efficiency.
Plexxi is disrupting the networking industry by building a simply better network.

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