Albireo SANblox is the storage industry’s first high performance data efficiency appliance for Fibre Channel SAN arrays. The only appliance on the market to include in-line deduplication, compression, and thin provisioning, SANblox can be deployed in a matter of hours to provide typical 6:1 data reduction. SANblox delivers consistent data reduction across all workloads with minimal overhead and can scale to multiple petabytes while maintaining performance consistency and providing extreme resource efficiency.
Customers with Fibre Channel arrays looking to optimize their storage investment will benefit most from the addition of SANblox to their existing IBM FlashSystem 840 or V840 or their new IBM FlashSystem 900 or V9000 systems. SANblox delivers an average of 85% reduction in storage consumption, lowering the “effective cost” of IOPS and GBs.
SANblox is a rock-solid performer and Albireo, its core technology, has been field tested in over 10,000 installations adding SANblox to IBM FlashSystem 900 or V9000, enables you to reap the benefits of high caliber IBM flash system performance while substantially lowering your total cost of ownership (TCO). The combination enables you to increase your purchasing power of high performance flash, remain within your IT budget, and deliver storage that’s optimized for the future.

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