You and your customers are facing a growing list of IT infrastructure challenges. The amount of data that needsto be analyzed, shared, and stored is exploding. The number of people needing access to it is growing along with it. Add to that the need for 7×24 access from smart devices, the ability for remote management, and your customer’s budget and infrastructure scalability requirements. It’s time to refresh your Thinking about Lenovo® ThinkServer®. Our next generation of servers provide the ultimate in flexibility, scalability, efficiency, and reliability. They provide greater storage, more I/O throughput, increased compute performance, and easier management than our award winning previous generation, and our competition. Our industry-unique and industry-leading technologies make us an ideal choice – from the SMB to the datacenter.
Industry leading storage and I/O flexibility, capacity and performance

  • AnyFabric technology to support up to 10 Gb NICs and 16Gb Fibre Channel without using any PCIe slots
  • AnyRAID technology for high performance RAID with up to 4GB cache without using any PCIe slots
  • Up to 45°C/ 113°F continuous operation to lower cooling energy costs

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