Back in 1968, two scientists, Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore, founded Intel with a vision for semiconductor memory products. By 1971, they had introduced the world’s first microprocessor. Since then, Intel has established a heritage of innovation that continues to expand the reach and promise of computing while advancing the ways people work and live worldwide.

Their mission: Utilize the power of Moore’s Law to bring smart, connected devices to every person on earth.

Their vision: If it is smart and connected, it is best with Intel.

With almost half a century leading in the computing industry and over 107,000 employees worldwide, Intel Corporation is known as one of the preeminent hardware solutions companies in the world. Not content with their traditional role, Intel is dynamically changing the focus of their company to succeed in an ever evolving security and data solutions environment.

Intel is an Arrow premier supplier of both components and software products. Arrow also works closely with OEM providers of Intel based systems, storage and integrated SSDs and NICs.

Arrow ECS is uniquely positioned to leverage the power of one of the predominant computing solutions companies to power any SMB or Enterprise need. After over 20 years of working with Intel, Arrow has developed a tight partnership across all executive and sales management levels. This has led to a joint Arrow/Intel partnerships with leading storage and VM vendors – EMC, NetApp, VMware and others. Arrow and Intel also have joint teams working together with SAP, Oracle, SAS, HP, Lenovo, IBM and Fujitsu and others on building joint business development and lead generation efforts for our partners.

Intel funds significant sales enablement and lead generation programs for reseller partners – UNIX to x86 migration, Technology refresh, Microsoft 2003 end-of-service upgrades, Data Center convergence and upgrade and Arrow event sponsorships like the IoT and Big Data Symposiums. Additionally, we jointly participated in numerous industry and partner events. All these Arrow and Intel partnerships translate into unbeatable synergistic solutions and joint sales development and support for our resell partners.

Intel/Arrow ECS offerings:

  • Intel Security SW (McAfee)
  • Intel Datacenter Manager (DCM) Software Portfolio

And in conjunction with our OEM partners:

  • Windows and Linux based systems
  • Intel Solid State Drives
  • Intel NIC cards
  • Integrated systems

Interested in being an Intel resell partner through Arrow?

Contact: Rod Strand, Intel Product Manager, 303.801.4436,

Arrow/Intel partners, please visit our MyArrow Intel Partner Page!
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This is an ECS/OCS/AEC alliance

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