How important is it for an organization to develop products or services faster than the competition? What if development teams could respond faster to these business demands, would that matter?

The reality for most organizations is that IT struggles to keep pace with their business. The burden of control processes and silos erected years ago to address risk, are now the very things that slow us down.
While public cloud adoption has helped to accelerate a transformation in IT, it is still only part of the solution. Many of us have critical applications, regulatory requirements or privacy policies that are better served within a Private cloud.

Unfortunately, delivering a truly public cloud user experience in a private cloud context is complex, costly and requires months of scripting, that few of us have the resources or time to spare.

This is why we were inspired to develop Breqwatr Cloud Appliance, a turnkey hyper-converged appliance, that provides all of the value of the public cloud, in the comfort and control of your own data center.

Under the hood we have packaged a curate deployment of OpenStack, that is tightly integrated with our hyper-converged infrastructure, providing linear scalability and enterprise class resiliency. Our platform offers true Infrastructure-as-a-Service capabilities out of the box, with a roadmap that includes containers, federation services, and in-guest automation.

While our technology may be refreshing, it is our enlightened business model that has people talking. Breqwatr Cloud Appliance is sold as a ‘pay-as-you go’ subscription, similar to your favourite public cloud provider, except with the added benefit of having your data and all of the cloud infrastructure in a datacenter of YOUR choice.

If you are seeking a truly accessible private cloud solution, that offers a Time-to-value measured in days not weeks or months, look no further than Breqwatr.