Why Lease?

Why Lease

  1. Acquire the right solution now, even if no available budget.
  2. Spread cost across lifetime of solution.
  3. Enables new technology/refresh to defeat obsolescence.
  4. No bank-type covenants required.
  5. Conserves capital for other projects.
  6. One Simple payment plan, tailored to client needs.
  7. Can be treated as expense rather than depreciation.
  8. Potential tax benefits.
  9. Improves asset tracking.
  10. Simplifies acquisition process.

Why Lease with Arrow Capital

  1. Provide financing at below cost of capital rates for most borrowers.
  2. Variety of lease structures and payment terms that can be tailored.
  3. Take advantage of renewals, upgrades and promotions with data management.
  4. Low-rate financing, deferred payment options, zero-percent financing and step structure.
  5. Single source simplicity – managing financial services to get you best rates.
  6. Range of solutions for commercial, federal and tax-exempt financing for local gov and education institutions.
  7. Finance the entire solution–regardless of acquisition source or logo.
  8. Flexible end of term options are available.
  9. Volume and vendor relationships.
  10. We finance what you need: telecom, mobility, education services, IT, medical, energy/lighting, video, PC’s, laptops…